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Winter is coming to Ukraine (UNICEF 2022, edit only)

7-Year-Old Ukrainian Refugee, Davyd, in London (UNICEF 2022, film, edit)

Jeanette Video

Resilience in the face of Climate Change - UNICEF - Burundi 2021 (Film, write, edit, multi-packages versions in French and English)

Back to School during COVID-19, (UNICEF/South Africa, 2021, film, edit, write)

UNICEF - Cyclone Idai Emergency 2019 - social media shorts

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador visits Ukrainian children in Warsaw, Poland 2022 (Film, edit)

Changing life for the pygmies of the Republic of Congo (WFP, 2018 (pre-to-post production, film, edit)

Changing life - Social Media shorts

A Champion for Breastfeeding - UNICEF/Ivory Coast (film, direct, write, edit)

Cocoa Fields to School - UNICEF/Côte d'Ivoire (full production)

Ebola Knocking at the Door - (UNICEF/Côte d'Ivoire, (film, direct, write, edit)

Rolland - Youth Reporter - UNICEF/Children's Radio Foundation - Côte d'Ivoire (film, direct, write, edit)

SHOWREEL 2006 - 2017

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